Brian Bollinger - Pie Rats Creator


Brian is on the right :-)
  1. What inspired the game Pierats?

    I was sitting at my kitchen table trying to think of silly concepts that might make a fun game. I know I'm not the first person to use "Pirate" as "Pie Rat" but I did like that pun when I added the Carob Bean Farm to the end of it. So that game started as a silly pun, then some rules, then the art.

  2. How was Wild East Games Founded?

    I was inspired a lot by the game Killer Bunnies and through talks with Jeff Bellinger (the creator). I also really like Looney Pyramids and the concept of several games from the same pieces. My wife and I enjoyed playing games together and we decided to try to learn about games and make a few. We spend several years studying the industry (reading books, blogs, interviews and watching videos). We spent some time trying to come up with some concepts for games and came out with our first two offerings: Chroma Cards, then a year later, Lightning Dice. Pie Rats will be our 3rd game to market.

  3. What are your 3 top favorite table top games to play (non-electronic)

    Currently... Killer Bunnies, King of Tokyo, and Machi Koro. I'm really interested in Doomed Reloaded but haven't been able to fully understand it yet.

  4. If you could have just one super power what would it be, and why?

    I think I would go with flying. Although, I'm afraid of heights so it would either help me overcome my fear or I'd be the lowest flying superhero with that power.

  5. Where is (or would be) your favorite place to vacation?

    Walt Disney World, FL or Tombstone, AZ. I think Disney parks are amazing and I really like the "Old West".

  6. What accomplishments are you most proud of?

    I am also a youth pastor. I really love when I am able to teach a teen how to be a effective student leader and see them carry those skills on to later in life.

  7. When you have no plans or obligations, where is your favorite place to go or hangout? What do you do?

    Assuming money is no object... I like to hang out at the ice cream palor on Main Street in Disney World. I love listening to the piano man play music.

  8. What motivates you?

    That's tough, I'm a little scatterbrained and I like a lot of different things. I often get excited about something when I first get the concept for it but then get about 80-90 percent of the way done and then move on to something else because

  9. Who is your favorite character from a book/tv show/game that you really resonate with?

    The Tick! He's my big blue superhero! Not always the brightest bulb - but the comics make me laugh. I wish the TV series was still going although I was pretty excited to see a lot of the Tick in movie "Ted 2".

  10. Who was someone you looked up to as a mentor?

    I wish I would have told him while he was alive... but I would have to say my dad. While he was still around he was always my "safety net" when I did something dumb - no matter how old I was. He was always helping me and my wife out. Then when he passed away I was forced to grow up and start acting a more responsible (yeah, I know... I still need to work on that) but I often find that I am asking myself, "What would dad do if he were here?"